>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Device Driver "FastVoodoo2 3.0 XP" http://www.3dfxzone.it/ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< [What's new?] - Improved automatic hardware tweak - New GLide library v. - Easy card overclock by Voodoo2 Tweaker in \Tools\Tweaker directory - Improved image quality with GLide based games - Improved perfomance with both OpenGL/GLide games and WickedGL driver - WickedGL v. 3.02 included in this package [Compatibility and hardware/software configuration request] - 3dfx Voodoo2 or 3dfx Voodoo2 SLI based card(s) - Windows 2000 or Windows XP Operative System - DirectX 7.0 or above (Windows 2000) and 8.1 or above (Windows XP) [Driver Setup] - Remove any previus Voodoo2 driver (for example FastVoodoo2 2.5 from Windows control panel) and reboot - Clicking on downloaded file you unzip the FV2 3.0 XP archive - Run Setup.exe and follow the on the screen istructions - Reboot the system - Run Voodoo2 Tweaker included in \Tools\Tweaker directory [Control Panel] You can make custom adjustments to your monitorís display settings using the driver control panel. To open the control panel: - Double-click on My Computer. When the window opens, scroll or browse until you see the Control Panel folder - Double-click on Control Panel. When this window opens, scroll or browse until you see the Display control panel - Double-click on Display. The Display Properties sheet appears - Click on the Settings tab, then on Advanced Now 3dfx Voodoo2-1000 and V2-OC tabs are displayed [Control Panel Settings and Configuration] When 3dfx Voodoo2-1000 and V2-OC tabs are displayed are visible, you will see several slider controls and buttons >>> 3dfx Voodoo2-1000 tab - Main - Refresh Rates This control allows you to adjust the refresh rates used by many games running on 3dfx Voodoo2. At the moment we are not able to activate this control so you must do manually running registry files in \Tools\Refresh_rate directory. You will not need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect - Gamma Correction Use Gamma Correction to change the brightness levels used by 3D games. Some games may appear too dark or too bright. Each of the gamma sliders controls brightness levels for red, green, and blue as they appear in games running on 3dfx Voodoo2. Manually adjust each of the sliders, apply, and test with your game until you achieve the brightness you want. Moving sliders to the left decreases brightness; to the right increases brightness - Link Gamma Sliders Select this checkbox to chain all three of the sliders together so that adjusting one slider adjusts them all >>> 3dfx Voodoo2-1000 - Advanced Properties - Force mipmap dithering for Glide apps This option will guarantee that the mip map blending will use the hardware dithering option which can smooth the transition between mip levels. This can increase the visual quality in some games. Mip levels are pre scaled texture maps that are appropriate for polygons of various distances away from the viewer. Sometimes there is are visible texture transitions in a polygon jutting out whose surface transitions though several mip levels. The dithering can soften this effect. But at a slight performance hit - Limit Texture Memory to 2mb for Glide apps When selected, Glide applications will limit the use of texture memory to 2 MBytes for each texture mapping unit. Some (old) Glide games may not work correctly if this option is not selected - Force triple color buffering for Glide apps Triple buffering has the same advantage as double buffering (no screen tearing - looks smooth) with the additional advantage of increased efficiency (i.e. higher frame rate) in some cases. One way to describe the advantage is that the CPU and 3D card are not as tightly linked with triple buffering which can lead to some performance gains due to work done in parallel. Triple buffering takes more memory in the video card frame buffer. This does not affect texture memory. Not all games support this setting >>> V2-OC tab - Donít Sync Buffer Swaps to Monitor Refresh Rate for Glide apps When selected, Glide applications will not synchronize buffer swaps with the vertical retrace signal of the monitor. Rendering performance may increase when this option is selected; however, visual tearing may occur - Overclock slider control Using this slider one you change hardware clock: tipical value for Voodoo2 chipset is 90mhz. Please note that overclock is potentially dangerous for your card: of course, you must abundantly cooling the card before increasing clock [Troubleshoting] - Voodoo2 SLI users: default FV2 3.0 AM layout includes V-Sync off so that flips occur as soon as possible (often at the next horizontal retrace signal). This eliminates the potentially long wait for the vertical retrace signal, but may introduce some tearing of the display image. The tearing occurs when portions of two or more frames (which represent the scene at different simulated times or viewpoints) are shown together in a single refresh of the display. If you see these visual artifacts must enable V-Sync by Voodoo2 Tweaker in GLide window (just turn on "Sync buffer swaps to refesh rate") - FastVoodoo2 3.0 XP supports Quake3 engine based games via WickedGL included in \Tools\OpenGL directory [Support, Help, Tutorial and Tweak at 3dfxzone.it forums] URL Forums: - http://www.3dfxzone.it/forumzone/default.asp or www.forumzone.it (IT) - http://www.hwsetup.it/forumzone/default.asp (EN) [Greetings] go to sourceforge - http://glide.sourceforge.net/ - for new glide library and our tireless testers Joshua, 3dfxzone.it team