Voodoo2 Windows 9x DirectX 7 Drivers - Version 3.02.02

Version: 3.02.02
Download Updated: January 27, 2000
Page Updated: January 28, 2000

What's new in Version 3.02.02
  1. Fixed issue, which caused some Glide apps to hang when changing from 640x480 to 800x600.
  2. Fixed issue with the control panel. Running a D3D app, pressing ALT+TAB and then attempting to use the control panel caused the D3D app to freeze.
  3. Fixed issue with the control panel. Incorrect memory configurations were getting reported.
  4. Fixed issue with the D3D function ValidateDevice ( ).
  5. Fixed issue Speed Busters, Turok2 and Cyberstrike2. After running these games they could not be restarted unless the machine was rebooted.
  6. Fixed issue with pulsating circles around edges of jump pads and lighting around skull being corrupted with Q3 test.
  7. Fixed issue with fog not correctly displayed on Q3 Test.
  8. Fixed issue with Quake 3's brightness control being grayed out.
  9. Updated OpenGL with miscellaneous bug fixes.

System Requirements
Download and Installation Instructions

The installation below can vary depending on which version of Windows is installed. To determine the Windows 95 version click Start, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click on the system icon. If the Windows version is 4.00.950b, Windows 95 OEM SR2 is running.

Existing Drivers Installed or PCI Multimedia Device shown in Device Manager
  1. Start Windows, download the Voodoo2 Windows 9x DirectX 7 Driver kit Version 3.02.02 below and extract the kit to a temporay directory
  2. Open Device Manager (Start, Settings, Control Panel, System)
  3. Locate the existing reference to the card it will be listed as:

  4. Double Click on the card, then click the driver Tab

  5. Point the driver location to where the files are extracted to and click OK.

  6. You MAY then be prompted to insert the "Voodoo2 Drivers for Windows 9x" Disk. Again, point to the path you extracted the files to and press OK.
  7. Windows will copy the drivers. Reboot the system when prompted
  8. Download the latest version of DirectX 7 from Microsoft and install it if not already done.
For further instructions on how to install Voodoo2 drivers on systems with no current Voodoo2 drivers or SLI configurations, please consult the readme.txt file in the kit.