Voodoo2 Windows NT4 Drivers - Version 3.02.02

Download Updated: January 31, 2000
Page Updated:January 31, 2000

NOTE: These drivers will NOT work on Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo Rush or Voodoo Graphics based cards.

What's new in 3.02.02
  1. Fixed issue, which caused some Glide apps to hang when changing from 640x480 to 800x600.
  2. Fixed issue with the control panel. Incorrect memory configurations were getting reported.
  3. Fixed issue with pulsating circles around edges of jump pads and lighting around skull being corrupted with Q3 test.
  4. Fixed issue with fog not correctly displayed on Q3 Test.
  5. Fixed issue with Quake 3's brightness control being grayed out.
  6. Updated OpenGL with miscellaneous bug fixes.

System Requirements:
Download and installation instructions:

The setup program must be run under Windows NT to install the Windows NT drivers and 3dfx device services. The account used during install must have administrator permissions.
  1. Run the self-extracting executable to begin setup.
  2. Follow the on screen prompts.
  3. After installation you may need to reboot the system.