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Page updated - 22/12/2001

Welcome the the News Archive...
This Page contains older Information concerning this Site.

News : 22/12/2001
Not a new Driver or a Tech Document, but simply outstanding :
The DivX Fan Video is a unique tribute to 3dfx!
Those 16MB are among the most worthy downloads I can possibly offer to die-hard 3dfx fans!

Many thanks go to the italian 3dfx Site for their hosting permission :)

News : 21/12/2001
Not many files found to further expand this archive.
But the one I got is something special
: AmigaMerlin released a WinXP Driver that sounds very promising...
If you happen to run WinXP, check it out !

Anyway, I must admit, I didn't have much time for this site lately... Call me lazy, but work sure took its toll.
But : Now there are all these holidays coming up, I'll use them to continue the work that this site needs.

News : 25/11/2001
Well, as promised, the major Update is here :)
This mainly refers to the
3dfx Archive, which has gotten very large and making things a little hard to find.
Most of the visitors head straight for this unique Archive.
All Downloads are now sorted by Video Card, offering all there is available, at a single glance.
Things still missing are the Bios-Files, Linux Drivers and some more of the old stuff to make this archive a complete one...

Besides, there is this News Section, of course, for those that are interested.

News : 19/11/2001
Many many thanks to Tony, who pointed me to a service in the Internet I've never heard about so far :

This site allows you to browse the Internet as it used to be a long time ago.
While they possbily can't hold the entire web, they DO have and as they used to peacefully exist in the past !
And best of all : On what's got to be over a hundred "snapshots of time", many Links seem to work,
allowing access to files long thought lost !
I'll spend the next days looking for all the good, old stuff, like initial Driver Releases and Beta's for all Voodoo's upto Voodoo5.
(do YOU have the initial Voodoo5 win9x 1.00.01 Driver? I saw it today, ready for download just like it was more than a year ago :)...
Who knows what it's good for, I'm gonna get 'em all ;)
I just hope my Servers don't blow under the load of files to come soon.
If you happen to have the old 3dfx Developer's Section Password, might even give you access to stuff that used to be available there...
My best advice : if you're a 3dfx fanatic like me, go there now and download all you can while it's still there...
This is almost too cool to be true, so don't wait for my poor ISDN line to complete this insane downloading frenzy!

Once all that is up and running, this page will easily well exceed 100k alone, virtually begging for the long planned restructuring ;)

News : 15/11/2001
Doh! As I'm typing this, the primary Server is offline once again :(
I don't know what the heck they're doing right now, but the host is certainly not doing it right...
Just remember the always full-up mirror , that so far works in a flawless manner.
Lucky me to have many files transferred to this location already. Good instinct I guess.

Anyway, would be great to get more Feedback , not much to read so far.
Might be too many Users (in know the majority is) using the crippled, incompatible IE V6.0 on WindowsXP...
Might be, everyone is in a hurry, or hasn't discovered the rest of this cozy

News : 13/10/2001
All is running well as it seems, although hardly anybody leaves Feedback behind.
With more Server capacity available than ever, I can now concentrate on more important things...
The ultimate goal is nothing less but to create the largest 3dfx File concentration the Web has to offer !

Future outlook :
- Collect and achive more Files (Mac and Linux Drivers, but also Documentation and Bios Files)
- Restructure the Archive for ease of Navigation, sorted both by Operating System and Card Type
- Possibly enable visible Download Counters and create a basic User Rating System for all Files
- Activate full secondary Navigation Mirror ( in case this Server is temporary down
- Maybe create a dedicated News Section, although I think almost nobody would ever read it ;)

If you posess Files that you think should be listed here, please contact me !
Of course, this includes Drivers you have modified yourself, but have no Webspace available...
I'll be more than happy to host your File(s) anytime...

As always, if there's a broken Link or Download, any of the involved Servers goes belly up or if I have made any error :
Let me know so I can quickly fix it, whatever it is.